I’ll get right to the point so you can get back to your warm summer sunshine! More of my favorites from a few promised family sessions. In different phases, they’re all growing and changing every day! I love it!

Albrecht 2014

*** AND ***

Williams family sneak peek


Ah, summer. What better time to play together as a family & enjoy some sunshine outside! Late evenings are beautiful and warm pretty much anywhere you live. This family was just the perfect way to start Father’s Day weekend! Take it from this pint-sized daddy’s girl. Thanks guys! More to come soon, very soon!

Chased by the clouds

I love that we were able to get this session wrapped up just as the wind and clouds were starting to roll in! There are so many shots I love, that you’ll just have to come check to find when the whole set is finished, but for now, here’s a quick peek at one or two. I wish I had time to finish them all right now! Sadly, we’ll all have to wait just a little longer!

Trapped indoors

Wow am I ready to come out of hibernation. Does anyone else feel trapped inside even when there’s nothing really keeping you from walking out the door? No? Just me, huh.

okay . . .
Well anyway, I’m thrilled to share with you some of the things I’ve been learning. Recently I was able to take part in a lighting class taught by the amazing and hard working Jed Colledge. I didn’t take as many photos during the class as I thought I was going to, it ended up being a great afternoon of networking and note-taking. My best takeaway was a practical assignment about the inverse square law. If you really want to get into it, let me know. If not, here’s a little low-key (meaning predominantly dark) love. A HUGE Thanks to Jed for such a great class! I can’t wait for the next one.

Drive By

What photographer hasn’t written a post in over six weeks. Guilty. Ahh! So sorry, its crazy, really because I have been shooting. I’m learning more every day – but who isn’t, right? What’s great about what I’ve been shooting is that I truly love it. I love it for the storytelling, I love it for the way that an image helps me remember days that I would otherwise forget. I love little parts of these images. Freckles. Painterly Light. Simplicity. Warmth. Color. Sincerity. I love that I’m always learning.
What’s not so great about what I’ve been shooting is that you don’t know it because you haven’t seen it. Even worse, a lot of the projects I’ve been working on aren’t going to be featured here. So, again, I apologize. But a few things I can and will share with you. Starting with a little drive by. I’m not sure if anyone else does this. But sometimes I love taking pictures from a moving car. To just grab something quickly as I see it pass me by.
In these I love the clouds, the colors, the hint of winter waving goodbye while spring has yet to arrive. What do you love about your day?

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