Worth the Wait

I’ve had the rare pleasure of being asked to work with some families over a course of years. It’s wonderful fun to have a past client call back and ask, “When can we do senior portraits?” Its one of my very favorite questions to answer!
I’ve been waiting and dreading the coming of this year for a handful of seniors. This one is a dream to photograph with, but don’t be thinking she’s only a pretty face. This dear girl is on academic scholarship & has been accepted to a half dozen post-secondary schools. Plus she is down-to-earth, kind, and determined. So her hard work has earned her many paths from which she can choose and I’m just thrilled for her! But why would I dread this? Only my selfishness, I guess. Part of me is afraid it might be my last time photographing this incredible young individual. Watch out world, my loss is your gain!
The session went like a dream & it was torture to select my favorites for this post. But my sincerest thanks go to the Albrecht family for being such amazing people & friends! Here she is, BHS class of 2015, Abbie!


It’s always an especially nice compliment to have another photographer ask you to do work for them. It doesn’t hurt when said photographer is just plain gorgeous & has her own orchard in the backyard. So, consider me flattered as can be. These are a handful of my favorites from our cold-but-bright-southern-utah-November-sunshine afternoon session.
This wonderfully talented mom is not only a photographer, but she’s also a personal health and fitness mentor! I’ve know her for many years and feel blessed to call her and her family my friends! Check out her many talents on instagram as @themrsjuliedavis, and juliedavisphotos.smugmug.com.

Summers over!

deMil photo studio has moved along with my family to a new town. We’re back in Southern Utah, but here’s a look at one of the great families we were able to work with at our last location, an exceptional group who embodies the beauty & charm of a Cache Valley family perfectly!


Just one of the things she loves to do most.

Being prepared doesn’t always mean you’re ready.

In the thirteen years of my marriage, I’ve never known my husband’s dad to be well. Some of his days were always better than others. Dozens of near-misses and scares have given the family including his 18 children (10 children plus 8 spouses, of which I am one,) now-24 grandchildren, his own ailing parents, three siblings & their families, and especially the spanish branch in which it is his joy & privilege to serve as a full time at-home missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; a little bit of experience preparing to say goodbye. We’ve all watch him endure pain and a list of physical ailments too long to write here, all without complaint. He has always pulled through & somehow made unexplainable comebacks.
Not this time.

This time, we were blessed with the time to say goodbye, for now. Drawings and letters from the grandkids cover his bedroom walls. This time we have had lots of tears and handholding.
We weren’t ready, and yet, He left mortality encircled about with everything he loved most in this world. Because of what we know about life and death it is clear to us that he will move on to the next step in life. Leaving us to follow sometime later. Whether or not we feel ready to be separated for just a little while, it truly will be just for a little while.

M o r e   i n f o