You know the song- the one by Colbie Caillat? Its one of the songs my daughter has taught herself to play and sing, which I love. I love it because I love seeing her grow through music and the message of the song is a balm to girls of every age. It it my firm belief that everyone should have a picture of themself that they love. That picture may or may not come via my help, but it’s a goal every time I shoot. After once hearing a little girl say she hadn’t really thought of herself as pretty, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. How can we show each other and the little ones watching us how pretty they are? What it is that makes them so pretty? The simplest answer comes from another well-known phrase from the oft-quoted Audrey Hepburn – “Happy girls are the prettiest . ..” And I believe it! I hope you do, too!
For this set of shots I was going for a clean, simple fashion feel. I wanted the shots to really focus on each subject. Not too busy, no distractions, just bright eyes and sweet faces.
So, how lucky am I that I got to spend 45 minutes with some of the very happiest people around??

Personal work

Its amazing to me what I’ve felt since I’ve started shooting again. I took some time off for my family and for a break & decided to get going again once I realized I missed it. I really missed it. Something I’ve wanted to do came together and now I’m working on a few things that have been floating around in my head. Not solid, well-defined ideas, but the sort of things that develop and begin to take shape along the way. I love what I’m working on right now. This is part of it, and the great thing about personal work is that if you don’t love it, it’s okay. You don’t have to. But I do. 😉

Keep it Movin’!

As much as I wish it would, life doesn’t slow down for any of us. Am I right? So, when this gorgeous mama called me for pics, I’ll be honest, I thought “Cool! I love working with this family, but we just did pics, didn’t we?” Time keeps movin’! This family has a daddy who works out of town and a new baby – both great reasons to capture this phase of their family as it’s movin’, movin’, movin’ right along! Always a pleasure Davis’, always!

Stop waiting

We all need to do it – I do it! Our last official family shots were taken in 2010, I believe. It may have been 2011. Photo Credit Noelle Reynolds (pre-BFA)

And since then – Because I just haven’t taken the time, or my weight wasn’t where I wanted it. For whatever reason we put off updating our pictures. “As soon as I lose weight, grow out my hair, wait for someone’s tooth to grow in, or for young sir to finally cut his hair . .” it’s almost perfect, almost show-worthy and so we wait.
And what have I missed in the meantime? We look sortof the same now, don’t we? Missing anything?
Please don’t wait this moment is “perfect” enough to be remembered. It really, truly is! If I don’t have a new family photo within a month, come after me. Let me hear it. My grandma & my folks do. And if you don’t have a current family photo, either, its time. Stop waiting.

nearing the end

Nearing the end is the best and very worst part of pregnancy. For me, anyway and this lovely girl pulls it off so gracefully! I was so happy to visit with this couple expecting their first baby! Spring mini sessions are a blast & we were so happy to capture this little glimpse of the last few weeks before tiny blue-eyed (just guessing on the eyes) miss makes her debut! Congratulations to the growing Goodwin family!

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