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Sisters … Hermanas

As promised, here are a few portraits from a new sister missionary!  This young lady now happily serving the good people of the Dominican Republic.  Two down, two to go!  Stay tuned!

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Not just another workshop


Workshops are a great way for photographers to get out and learn from others.  A HANDS – on workshop lets you apply new concepts as soon as you learn them.  And whether its a workshop on photography, or singing, parenting, sports, cooking – or whatever else you can find a workshop on, if you don’t […]

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Congratulations, Prize winners!

This was such a fun way to share some of the stuff I got at the photography convention I went to a few months ago!  The only catch to these is you need to redeem them before I move mid-august.  That said, I’m happy to announce the winners are: Holly Barrick Tauna Brandt Madison Anderton […]

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More nostalgia from February’s adventures

This is a dear friend whose name is peppered throughout my blog.  She’s my friend, she’s my cousin, she’s my cheerleader, she’s a great example and now, she’s moved on.  How lucky am I, though because I got to monopolize the last few days before she moved away!  (By the way, if you live in […]

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Great people and their stories!

As I mentioned, while at WPPI, I met some fantastic people!  There are a few including two that I got to know fairly well and they’re from texas!  Whenever I’d talk to my hubby during our week apart he’d say, “have you been hanging out with texas?”  which came to be the collective reference to these two […]

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