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Bring a friend!

You’ve asked so here it is! I’m so excited to announce my first workshop since moving back to Southern Utah. I’ve missed it & I can’t wait for this class! It’s going to be a blast! I’ve got a beautiful venue, at least one (probably more) live models – you won’t want to miss it! […]

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Keep it Movin’!

As much as I wish it would, life doesn’t slow down for any of us. Am I right? So, when this gorgeous mama called me for pics, I’ll be honest, I thought “Cool! I love working with this family, but we just did pics, didn’t we?” Time keeps movin’! This family has a daddy who […]

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Quick tips

When you’re out using a few spare minutes between this n that to try and capture a few good shots of whatever subject your heart desires, here’s a quick tip on making your shots a little better: Bright sunlight: your best friend and worst enemy, right? Using the sunny 16 rule will get you even […]

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Something for everyone!

Come shoot with me! I’m thrilled to say that my family is moved into our new-to-us old project of a house. Now, unpacking will be an entirely different thing as we slowly finish one space at a time inside, but I’m getting so stoked to see some of my long-lost photo equipment as it comes […]

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It’s always an especially nice compliment to have another photographer ask you to do work for them. It doesn’t hurt when said photographer is just plain gorgeous & has her own orchard in the backyard. So, consider me flattered as can be. These are a handful of my favorites from our cold-but-bright-southern-utah-November-sunshine afternoon session. This […]

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