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Love is what makes life and those who live it, beautiful


If you’ve been to my blog, you’ve seen at least one of these faces before. I’ve been photographing this amazing girl since she was about 13 or 14, I think. So imagine my excitement when she texted me to book engagements & formals! I know she’s not mine, but I’m still so proud of her. […]

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Summers over!

deMil photo studio has moved along with my family to a new town. We’re back in Southern Utah, but here’s a look at one of the great families we were able to work with at our last location, an exceptional group who embodies the beauty & charm of a Cache Valley family perfectly!

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Drive By

What photographer hasn’t written a post in over six weeks. Guilty. Ahh! So sorry, its crazy, really because I have been shooting. I’m learning more every day – but who isn’t, right? What’s great about what I’ve been shooting is that I truly love it. I love it for the storytelling, I love it for […]

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the Hatchery

This set of images was shot using a lensbaby lens which produces an effect similar to that of a tilt-shift lens.  Or more simply put a selective focus lens.  It was a study in shapes and how they change as weathered by their surroundings.  I so loved just looking to see what I could see […]

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Fun at the fair

I love the way these turned out!  Especially from the top of the ferris wheel!  The Lensbaby Composer Pro lens that I used is the sweet 35 optic.  And it gives just the perfect sense of skewed reality and motion!  I love the way it miniaturizes the big rides making the yo-yo look more like […]

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M o r e   i n f o