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All Dressed up – Sneak Peek!

ThESe tWo!!! I’m always sad to come to the end of a shoot, but that just means I get to come home, open up the files and uncover gems like these. I love all the different styles that came out of this gorgeous formals session! Now I just need to figure out how to convince […]

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After the rain . . .

Sometimes life really puts us through the ringer, but when we make it through, we can enjoy the beautiful things life has to offer.  Beautiful people, Beautiful places!  I’m always overwhelmed at how beautiful life can be.  These two just started something great together.  I love seeing how happy they are to have found each […]

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Favorite Things

Favorites!  Everyone has random things that make them smile!  I’m not talking about chocolate or Christmas, or the stuff that nearly everyone likes, but those little quirky things that you can’t help but get excited about.  I once had a friend who really liked when he was driving and turned a corner with one continuous […]

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A truly wonderful wedding!


I’m not just saying it when I say that I feel so honored to have been witness to this day!  From the first moment you meet this sweet little family, you can’t help but notice the special feeling that surrounds them.  As an assistant to the hired photographer, (a task I LOVED!) my job was […]

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How to have fun on a Saturday (Bridal Teaser)

First, meet fun people.  Second, get a camera between you. If you don’t know this girl, find her and get to know her.  If you don’t you’re missin out!  She was so much fun and I’m absolutely thrilled for her!  Have a great weekend, girl!  Thanks again, I had a blast!

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