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just one more

Of course I think she’s beautiful!  AND she’s been begging to model for me, so I found an opportunity, (new clothes from Santa) and a location, (cool old trees at grandma’s house,) and here’s what happened!  Merry Christmas, everyone! (again!)

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naturally happy!

Toddlers are so easy to photograph especially when they’re not trying to pose!  It just makes me smile!  Feel free to join me!

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New family member

I love the way this picture feels!  It’s like a family hug in a print.  Don’t you feel loved when you look at it? 

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so snuggly!

As soon as we put her in the basket, this baby’s momma and I were both giggling!  We both knew this would turn out fantastically!  And contrary to what I  I expected her to be – uncomfortable propped up like that – she was happy and calm and, well, snuggly!

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Welcome, little ones!

In a blink you’ll miss how your newborn fits in the palm of your hand! But with portraits like this, you can always hold on to that fleeting moment!

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