Monthly Archives: February 2011

Music Plug

So, not only do I really like this music, the lead singer is like my second cousin or something.  Cool right?  It gets better!  They’re in the running to be on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.  I’ve never bought an issue, but I know that’s a big thing for a music group!  They’ve opened […]

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Favorite Things

Favorites!  Everyone has random things that make them smile!  I’m not talking about chocolate or Christmas, or the stuff that nearly everyone likes, but those little quirky things that you can’t help but get excited about.  I once had a friend who really liked when he was driving and turned a corner with one continuous […]

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Ready to go

Thanks a million to everyone who was able and willing to take my family on for me while I’m gone.  I’ve got their dinner menu planned, I’ve got my itinerary laid out, I’ve got cool new threads to wear, and I’m ready to absorb tons of new info!  Now it’s just counting down!  Now, I’m […]

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