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More nostalgia from February’s adventures

This is a dear friend whose name is peppered throughout my blog.  She’s my friend, she’s my cousin, she’s my cheerleader, she’s a great example and now, she’s moved on.  How lucky am I, though because I got to monopolize the last few days before she moved away!  (By the way, if you live in […]

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Great people and their stories!

As I mentioned, while at WPPI, I met some fantastic people!  There are a few including two that I got to know fairly well and they’re from texas!  Whenever I’d talk to my hubby during our week apart he’d say, “have you been hanging out with texas?”  which came to be the collective reference to these two […]

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Rock n Roll!

HEY Seniors!  Are you ready for the rest of your High School experience?  It’s roaring to it’s glorious end!!  So, don’t put your pics off – now’s the time!  You have to know – I am so excited for you!  So excited that I’m going to make it easier than ever to get your senior […]

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What I love about KHP Photo workshops!

I know I mentioned it briefly in an earlier post, but they really went all out and what we got out of it was amazing, so here’s one more little tribute! #5 – Cute gift baskets.  This was totally unexpected!  The little extra touch that lets you know something is special!  You can’t see it […]

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So, are you ready for more?

Thought so!  Okay, now that you are all fans of Homemade Magic, (literally – they’re on f/b become their fan!  you will, right?) follow this link and click on slideshow, maybe grab a glass of milk first.  You’ll find more of mouthwatering shots!  And, if you’re like me and can’t decide what looks best from […]

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