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White Frost

Also called Hoarfrost.  Its a new word for me.  When Robert first said it, I admit, I didn’t believe it was a word.  Then my good friend Emily confirmed.  Stubborn as I am, I had to be sure and discovered that I should have trusted them from the beginning.  I don’t remember having seen it […]

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“If I care about anything, I’ll have to care about everything and I’ll go stark raving mad…”

This is a quote from a movie, “Ever After” said by Prince Henry.  It’s always stuck with me because I feel it in nearly every aspect of my life.  It came to mind again recently when I was having a conversation with two new friends of mine, fellow assistant for local studio, S Designs.  One […]

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Family Session

Even in the freezing cold weather, this was a TON of fun!  Enjoy the fun and fabulous family of my dear childhood friend, Emily!  her kids are gorgeous, and so much fun to be around!  Having known her for so long, I got a real kick out of seeing how her kids are each like […]

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