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Everyday Superhero

Last weekend I got to shoot some head shots for a competition.  It was a simple, single light setup with a nice old-school painted backdrop.  It was good practice.  I got to see lots of kids.  I got to see them with their teammates, to observe the bonds build through the work and time invested […]

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Steal a quick moment

This little one and her family have been through something of a miraculous journey!  Her lovely momma, a talented and incredibly well-trained photographer, flattered me when she asked me to catch a quick shot of the two of them together during a down moment while we were shooting on a project together this weekend. Her […]

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“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good thneed, or Sneech, or Gak, or talking fish during their day?  Thank you Dr. Seuss for all your wonderful wisdom!  I love how the month of march has become a time when elementary schools all over the place have a celebration themed around this legendary and timeless author. […]

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She’s so beautiful!

And I’m lucky enough to call her one of my dearest friends!  It amazes me how the time flies, this will be the 3rd time we’ve done her family portraits together and I love watching her littles grow right along with my own!    We only had a few minutes together before they were off […]

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So many cousins!

I have a relatively small extended family unlike many others in my circle of acquaintance, I can count my cousins from both sides of my family on my hands and have a finger or two to spare.  My kids, with the exception of my oldest child, had more cousins than I do before they were […]

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