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She thinks she looks angry . . .

.. when she smiles without showing her teeth.  I’ll tell you more about that in a minute, but first, my tangent: I like to ask my subjects how they want to be photographed.  What can I say, I’m a people-pleaser.  I also really like to push my luck a little and try to surprise people […]

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It all begins with two, and before long . . .

I love seeing extended family groups all together.  Not only because its harder and harder to get families together as they grow and move on, but because its so nice to think about life in its stages.  I enjoy thinking that where I am now, my parents once were.  And where I was ten years […]

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Brett & Anne

I had a blast when I did Anne’s High School Senior shots a few years ago and it was even more fun to add Brett to the mix.  This couple kept us laughing and if not for the weather I probably would have kept shooting all night, we were having that much fun!  Well, I […]

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the Hatchery

This set of images was shot using a lensbaby lens which produces an effect similar to that of a tilt-shift lens.  Or more simply put a selective focus lens.  It was a study in shapes and how they change as weathered by their surroundings.  I so loved just looking to see what I could see […]

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Sisters … Hermanas

As promised, here are a few portraits from a new sister missionary!  This young lady now happily serving the good people of the Dominican Republic.  Two down, two to go!  Stay tuned!

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