My El wanted to play soccer. Oh. So. Very much. I missed the signups last year, not realizing that signups are in, like, March for soccer that starts – of course – in August, because why wouldn’t you sign up for something like that a full five months early? But this year – this year I could not, would not miss the signups. Nope, this March – mom was all over it: Soccer season here we come!
She has never played soccer before, but those who know me know that I toss my kids right in the frying pan. Let them learn as they go. It’s okay though, because she was put on the same team as her friend who started her love of a game she’s never played. (Read: love of being with her friends and if her friends are doing soccer – soccer is awesome by association.)
Soccer stuff for Christmas, incessant talk of soccer for months. And then we got the long-awaited team list. Purple Panthers, with coach Wilson. How lucky were we to get to play with some of her very favorite friends – PLUS we met new friends. BONUS. Soccer for life. Yes! She has found her calling. We love soccer! Until of course they bring in these refs who make us stop and tell us we can’t do stuff. Why won’t they just let us play, they totally ruined the game.
This first season was a very social endeavor for my spunky third grader. The goalie shirt was a fashion show, defending meant extra time with her friends. And the running in midfield & as forwards; So much running! It’s a good thing she’s fast. Who knew it would be such hard work, but the treats are good and the company, even better. I have to say, though, thanks to determined teammates and devoted coaching, she was playing significantly better in the end.
At the end of her first season I’m wondering now if I should make her play one more so she can actually give herself a chance to learn the game & develop some skills before calling it off, or not. It might work, who knows? Soccer may turn out to be her thing. Unless she’s not on Mia’s team again, in which case I will expect nothing less than full-blown mutiny.
Soccer or not, I look forward to watching these girls stay good friends for as long as time will allow.

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