Good thing it’s Christmas

… because football is over for the year. It has been for a few weeks, now.
It’s really no surprise that I don’t really know how to be mom to an athlete. But I’m learning. Lucky for me, I have an amazing network of boy-moms to guide me through the second most wonderful time of the year. Halloween is great, I’m even a huge fan of Independence Day, but little league football has, in two short seasons, become my favorite time of the year, second only to Christmas. Which makes it perfect that one has come to a close just in time for the other. My kid has the great fortune to be on an amazing team and if he’s having half as much fun as his mom, then he’s having the time of his life! Overdramatic? Maybe a little. But only just a little. I’ve said it enough to be annoying but I think the world of these boys – all of them, I love this team!
Last year I posted pics from each game soon after the game, this year, in spite of my best efforts, I still have 3 or 4 games of 9 to put up. But I’m in LOVE with the little gems I’m finding as I sort through several shots where I just missed it – a pile of boys on the field, a bunch of them standing around, or running seemingly without direction, but these are the kinds of shots that make me happy I do what I do. The ones that capture our super-boys, they can hit & take a hit, they can block, they can run, and sometimes even fly. I love capturing “my” boys (because I’d totally claim every one of them) in moments like these.

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